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Seven little Australians 1893

by Ethel Turner

Seven Pickles Little Australians

Chapter 1

There was the usual Babel going on over tea Captain Woolcot , the father of the seven had certainly had a felt lining put on the swing door upstairs but really nothing on earth would keep in really deaden the fearful babel that prevailed at nursery tea every day. It was a nursery without a nurse Too so that partly accounted for it perhaps for Meg the eldest pickle was only 14 and could not be expected to be much of a disciplinarian. The A slatternly but good natured housemaid girl of 18 was supposed to combine the offices of nursery maid too as at & housemaid but there was so much to do in her second capacity that the first suffered considerably. Even Poor little Gwendoline used to get a nasty polishing up in the morning being only fifteen months old and sometimes She used to lay the nursery meals when none of the little girls could be found to help her & she used to bundle on the clothes of the two youngest in the morning & except for that the seven had to manage for themselves.