Stanwell Parkbefore 1958

by Herbert Reginald Gallop

Born in 1890, artist Herbert Gallop developed a love of the sea in the years of his youth spent in the Kiama area. Gallop’s father, a schoolteacher, was an enthusiastic amateur artist, and his maternal grandmother was the sister of American artist James McNeil Whistler.

Stanwell Park, a farm established on land granted to Matthew John Gibbons in 1824, gave its name to the local area. Situated just below the Royal National Park between Sydney and Wollongong, with Stanwell Tops to the west, it has been popular with artists since the 1840s. This painting looks south from Bald Hill, a popular lookout providing expansive views over the Illawarra plain, Tasman Sea, and beaches at Stanwell Park and Coalcliff.