William Anson - ticket of leave, 16 May 182816 May 1828

by Anson, William

No. 28/102

Colonial Secretary's Office,
New South Wales.
16th May 1828

It is His Excellency the Governor's Pleasure to Dispense with the
Attendance at Government Work of William Anson 
who was tried at Waterford Summer Assizes, 1823 
Convict for Seven years, arrived per Ship Castle Forbes
Ord Master, in the Year 1824 and to permit him 
to employ himself (off the Stores) in any lawful Occupation with the
District of Parramatta for his own Advantage during good Behaviour;
or, until His Excellency's further Pleasure shall be made known.

By His Excellency's Command.
Alexr. McLeay

[Document cross-hatched and endorsed Cancelled]