William Bradley - Journal. Titled `A Voyage to New South Wales', December 1786 - May 1792; compiled 1802+December 1786 - May 1792; compiled 1802+

by William Bradley

Physical description

1 volume - manuscript
29 drawings - (bound or hinged) - watercolour
Drawings - 22 charts, 14 maps (disbound)

General note

This journal was probably compiled some years after the events it records. It seems to be a fair copy compiled after 1802. Page 48 bears a watermark for the year 1802. 
It is bound with covers dating from the late 1800s, attached to the existing spine. 
Facsimilie copy available on open access in the Mitchell Library Reading Room at ML Ref. 1/981/54A3-4. 

Media Transcript: 
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