William Charles Wentworth - Journal of an expedition across the Blue Mountains, 11 May-6 June 181311 May-6 June 1813

by .William Charles, Wentworth, 1790-1872

On the Eleventh of May our party consisting of Mr . Gregory Blaxland, Lieutenant Lawson and Myself with four servants quitted Mr . Gregory Blaxlands farm on the South Creek and on the 29th of the June Month descended from the Mountain into forest land having travelled as nearly as I can compute about 60 Miles from Mr . Chapmans farm on the Nepean River although I do not imagine that we made more than 40 Miles of Westing. This newly discovered tract of country commences about 20 Miles West of Jamiesons farm on the Nepean River - From there the Height of our Situation enabled us to distinguish that it runs SW for at least 30 Miles - It stretches to the Northward for nearly the same distance - How far it reaches to the Westward we could not determine further than that we travelled in that direction for about 10 Miles and from the Top of a very high Mountain which we ascended on one of our early excursions could distinctly perceive that the summits of the Hills were covered with grass for at least fifteen Miles further - From means