Guidelines for selection of websites

The websites included in our eresources have been identified and evaluated by our librarians to help you find quality information sources on the internet. The links are maintained and reviewed on a regular basis. We cannot guarantee the availability or the accuracy of these websites.

Selection criteria

We consider the following when adding websites to our eresources list:


  • high-demand ready reference content
  • reliable and authoritative
  • adds significance and value to the Library's existing collection
  • functions as a key gateway to other sites
  • includes date of creation or last update


  • clear and reputable authorship or editorship
  • purpose of information is clearly explained 
  • reviewed favourably by professional sources


  • consistently available over a period of time
  • free and uncomplicated access
  • can send feedback to creator or editor
  • links on the site are maintained


  • organised layout and easy to navigate
  • user-friendly help information
  • internal search engine
  • no excessive advertising