Get into the spirit sans spirits!

Pomegranate mocktail

Wanting to pace yourself over the festive party season?

Cutting back on or avoiding drinking at social events doesn’t need to be a bore.


Whether you are going alcohol-free or just wanting to cut back on your drinking during the festive season you will find some tasty, refreshing options in our Literary Mocktails collection

We’ve also released a new Dickens-inspired “Bah Humbug” mocktail to help you enjoy guilt-free fun this holiday season.

How can you reduce your alcohol intake this festive season?

  • Enjoy a mocktail!
  • Drink water instead of alcohol and use it to quench your thirst
  • Sip alcoholic drinks slowly
  • Alternate alcohol drinks with water

Did you know?

Current Australian Guidelines recommend no more than two standard drinks per day for women and men, in addition to one or two alcohol free days per week.

Want to know more?

See this article from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation for some helpful tips for enjoying your office end of year celebrations, without the day-after regret.