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Not our way

Promoting awareness of the harms associated with the use of pharmaceuticals and ice in the community.

Not Our Way is a campaign that focuses on the harms associated with the use of pharmaceuticals and ice and the impact this has on family and community. It also aims to provide advice for parents, families and friends of Aboriginal people with a pharmaceutical or ice dependency.

The key messages of the campaign are to:

  • call Triple Zero for help from the police and ambulance service
  • don't be ashamed to ask for help 
  • don't ignore the early signs and act fast before it is too late

The messages were informed through a consultation process with members of the Aboriginal community and agencies in metropolitan and rural locations across NSW.  The campaign is based on real stories and experiences of Aboriginal people across NSW who shared their experiences so they could help others.

Pharmaceutical drugs

"Drugs don't have to be illegal to be lethal"



Ice (methamphetamines)

"Are you standing on thin ice?"




Visit the NSW Police website to find further campaign resources and promotional material.