Alcohol - get the facts

Did you know the effects of alcohol can last longer than a hangover?

The short-term effects of alcohol are well known. These include feeling relaxed and slowing down your reactions.

Many people associate the negative effects of alcohol with a hangover, but did you know that alcohol can affect your body for much longer than just the morning after the night before? 

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Reduce your alcohol, reduce your risk

A recently published study confirms the link between alcohol use and seven types of cancers. Key finding from the study included:

  • 7 drinks a week raises the risk of alcohol-linked cancers by an average of 10%
  • 7-14 drinks a week raises the risk of alcohol-linked liver cancer by 48%, those drinking more than 14 drinks a week had a 202% increased risk of liver cancer
  • More than 14 drinks a week raises the "absolute cumulative risk" of seven types of cancers by 4.4% in men and 5.4% in women
  • Concentrated alcohol use over 1 to 3 days per week, increased the risk of breast cancer even further.

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