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Colonial liquidity: making money in early NSW

Colonial liquidity: making money in early NSW

Scholar Talks

Dr Ben Huf, the 2020 Dr AM Hertzberg AO Fellow, will explore the politics of money and banking in colonial NSW.  

Currency note, one pound, issued by Lloyds Rooms 1854
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2 November 2021 11am to 12pm


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Sydney NSW 2000


How does a society function when there is a paucity of coins and many kinds of private notes in circulation? And what happens to that society when banks come to monopolise the production of money? Examining the State Library’s William Dixon numismatic collection, this talk presents a new history of the politics of money, banking and finance in colonial NSW, showing how conflicts over making money — between individuals, banks and government — shaped Australia’s settler history. 

Ben Huf is a Melbourne-based historian. He received his PhD from the ANU and has held research and teaching posts at the universities of Sydney and Melbourne. He writes on the histories of capitalism and economics and is also currently writing a commissioned history of the Victorian Department of Parliamentary Services.  


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