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Deborah Lee-Talbot: Phyllis Mander-Jones – Librarian, Archivist, Historian

Deborah Lee-Talbot: Phyllis Mander-Jones – Librarian, Archivist, Historian

Scholar Talks

Deborah Lee-Talbot addresses Phyllis Mander-Jones’s surveying of Pacific records as Australia sought to define its national identity.

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6 June 2023 11am to 12pm


General Admission: Free


State Library of NSW
Sydney NSW 2000


​Phyllis Mander-Jones (1896–1984) was employed by the NSW Library from 1925–60. During this time, she surveyed historical documents and established the foundations of Australia’s archival profession. Mander-Jones travelled the Pacific searching for relative materials during the 1930s and 1950s; yet her personal contributions from this time, and the records she created about these journeys, are underexamined.

Deborah Lee-Talbot is an academic and professional historian, who is fascinated by gender, religion, Oceania and archives. Following a Summer Scholarship at the National Library of Australia analysing the Australian Joint Copying Project in 2022, Deborah submitted for examination her PhD thesis Kaleidoscopic archives: a history about London Missionary Society records, 1813–2022. In 2023 she commenced a SLNSW Fellowship to investigate the archive of the archivist Phyllis Mander-Jones.