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From the First Fleet to the Harbour Bridge

From the First Fleet to the Harbour Bridge

Scholar Talks at Six

The Scholar Talks at Six series celebrates maps and mapping, held in the Library’s beautiful Map Rooms.

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17 March 2022 6pm to 7pm


General Admission: $15.00


Map Room, Level 1
Mitchell Building
Sydney NSW 2000


The voyage of the First Fleet from Britain to ‘Botany Bay’ was more than a convenient way to rid Britain of its convicts. Join us as historical detectives on the trail of William Dawes, astronomer, engineer, surveyor and ordnance officer — from his arrival in 1788 until the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932. 

A successful career in astronomy and astrophysics has allowed Richard de Grijs to enjoy vibrant research environments at the University of Virginia (USA), the Universities of Cambridge and Sheffield (UK) and Peking University in Beijing, China. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Richard now hails from Sydney, where he joined Macquarie University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering as Associate Dean (Global Engagement) in March 2018. He received the 2012 Selby Award for excellence in science from the Australian Academy of Science, a 2017 Erskine Award for interdisciplinary science and student mentorship from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and a 2017 Jan Michalski Award for interdisciplinary science and public engagement from the Michalski Foundation (Switzerland). Richard is a passionate and popular speaker on topics related to astronomy, astrophysics and the history of maritime science and navigation. He is a volunteer guide and speaker for the Australian National Maritime Museum. 


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