Launch into Library Research: Finding Out: The History of Your House

Launch into Library Research: Finding Out: The History of Your House

Launch into Library Research
Lifelong learning

Trying to find information about the house your ancestors lived in, or interested in knowing more about the story of your own house? The history of a house can reveal a wealth of information about the building and the lives of the people who lived in it. This program of workshops and presentations will provide you with the basics to get you started on researching your old house. Please note: it is best if the house is built pre-1960.

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11 April 2019 10am to 4pm


Bookings essential: $55.00


State Library of New South Wales
Macquarie St
Sydney NSW 2000


The program includes the following sessions:

Overview of County, Town & Parish Maps
Discover the Library’s collection of maps produced by the NSW Lands Department to show land ownership. Learn to use county, town and parish maps to trace the history of a parcel of land.

Historical Land Records Viewer
An overview of the Historical Land Records Viewer, the database provided by NSW Land Registry Services. Learn how to search for records of land transfer in NSW, with practical examples and tips.

Subdivision Plans
Produced by real estate agents to advertise the subdivision and sale of land, subdivision plans can help tell the story of your block of land. See some colourful examples and learn how to access our digitised subdivision plans online.

Sands & other directories
We’ll show you how to use directories such as Sands to help trace the age of your building. You may even discover the previous names of your property!

Domestic Architecture
This session will provide an opportunity to view some of the Library’s architectural drawing collections, with a focus on domestic architecture. Learn how to find these collections in the Library and how they can inspire you in your house research.  

Research assistance
Optional end of day session (4.00pm-5.00pm):
Put into practice some of the techniques you have learnt about! Bring along details of the house that you want to research, and our Librarians will be on hand to help you to get started.


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