Talking Deadly: Living Language

Talking Deadly: Living Language

Talking Deadly

Join Melissa Jackson for the year’s final Talking Deadly. She will share her experiences working as a Curator on the Library’s seminal Living Language exhibition, a brilliant fusion of library collections and lived community experiences.

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27 November 2019 6pm to 7pm


General Admission: Free
State Library Friends Members: Free


Metcalfe Auditorium, Ground Floor
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Talking Deadly

Living Language: Telling our story our way

People don't just give up speaking their language; they gradually use it less in response to pressure from another economically or politically dominant culture. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were pressured into not speaking their language by missionaries, governments and the wider public.

But not all people stopped talking. 

The State Library of NSW (the Library) has long been active in championing language revival, reclamation and awareness programs through their extensive digitisation and web development projects. To celebrate 2019 as UNESCO’s International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Library is proud to host a major exhibition shining a spotlight on the sad history but vibrant future of Aboriginal languages in New South Wales.

Ground-breaking exhibitions like ‘Living Language’ do not happen without the guidance and direction of Aboriginal communities. In this Talking Deadly, Melissa Jackson will be sharing with us the Library’s extensive consultation with language champions that made this exhibition a brilliant fusion of library collections and lived experiences. 


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