Amaze Gallery

Amaze Gallery

The Amaze Gallery features an ever-changing display of remarkable items from the Library’s collection.

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Opens Saturday 20 March 2021
Admission: Free


State Library of New South Wales
1 Shakespeare Place

The Amaze Gallery features an ever-changing display of remarkable items from the Library’s collection. 


Highlights include an incredibly rare map of the world from 1628; a selection of handwritten Tasmanian convict indents; a small selection of original illustrations by May Gibbs for her book Little Obelia, and Further Adventures of Ragged Blossom, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie; and works by all five of the Ginger Meggs cartoonists, including Sydney artist James ‘Jimmy’ Bancks, the creator of Ginger Meggs.

See what's on display

All the world

An incredibly rare map from 1628 has been added to the Library’s rich cartographic collections.

All’s fair in love and war

Love is a battlefield in this newly acquired map.

Convict women of Van Diemen's Land

A selection of handwritten Tasmanian convict indents (also called ‘indentures’) have been recently digitised by the Library and transcribed by online volunteers.

Big bold botanicals

What could a twentieth-century artist’s book by surrealist Salvador Dali have in common with an early nineteenth-century French volume documenting the plants in a famous garden?

Celebrating 100 years of Little Obelia

In time for the Christmas present rush 100 years ago — in November 1921 — May Gibbs released her third and final full-length book featuring her trademark gumnut babies.

Happy 100th birthday Ginger!

Ginger Meggs, Australia’s longest running comic strip character and national icon, burst to life on 13 November 1921.

Daring and devotion

The art of Sydney couple George and Charis Schwarz defies neat categories, but their body of work will be preserved.

Spine tingling

Looking closely at the spine could unlock the mystery of a rare book, or it could raise more questions.

Mutiny & murder

The horrific tale of the Batavia shipwreck became one of the first true crime bestsellers.

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