Family treasures

Topic: Personal and family histories
Student activity

Explore special treasures from Australian families in the past. 

This is the student activity 1 of 1 of the Family treasures learning activity.

Task No. 1

Tart family treasures

Watch the video about the special treasures of the Tart family.  



  • Does your family keep any special treasures from the past? 
  • How does your family tell stories about the past? 
  • What would you like to ask your parent, grandparent or other grown-up in your life about their life when they were a child?  
Task No. 2

Family photographs from the past

Look at all of the photographs showing Australian families in the past.  


  • Can you guess who the children, parents and grandparents are in each picture? 
  • How many children are in each family? 
  • Do you think these photos are special to anyone? Why? 
  • Which family photo reminds you of your family? Why? 
  • If you could ask one person in these photographs a question, what would you ask them? 

Family photographs from the past

Task No. 3

Spicer family photos

Look at these pictures of the Spicer family.  

Spicer family photographs


These photographs were taken for a magazine and show the family doing different activities. There are five children in the Spicer family: Joan, Edmund, Marie, Bessie and Ruthie. The Spicer children did all of their schoolwork from home because they lived too far away from the nearest school. They move their desks all over the house and their parents help them to do their schoolwork!  

  • Make a list of all of the activities you can see the children doing. Does your family ever do these things too? 
  • Do you think the Spicer family lives in the city or the country? Why? 
  • What is different in these photos compared to your life today? 
  • How do we know what life was like for the Spicer children?