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About the Fellowship

 General view of the factory floor, Sam Hood, 1941

 General view of the factory floor, Sam Hood, 1941

The Dr AM Hertzberg AO Fellowship will support research into any aspect of the social, cultural and political history of industry and manufacturing in Australia, from colonisation to today, drawing on the resources of the State Library of NSW and any relevant archives or collections in other cultural institutions or companies. The Fellowship takes a broad view of industrial history, and will support projects which examine the technical, scientific, innovative, social, business, managerial (from management to workers’ organisations), cultural and political impacts of industry on Australia. Industry is considered broadly, from heavy manufacturing through to hi-tech.

The Dr AM Hertzberg AO Fellowship is offered with the support of the children of Mark Hertzberg, AO (1924 - 2015) and Nancy Keesing, AM (1923 - 1993). Dr Hertzberg was a past President of the Library Council of New South Wales and past General Manager of the Sugar Division of the Colonial Sugar Refinery (CSR). His wife Nancy was a key Australian literary figure, author and poet. In his lifetime Dr Hertzberg established the Nancy Keesing fellowship in honour of his wife. Their children have continued this tradition with the establishment of this Fellowship in memory of their father. 

It is expected that Dr AM Hertzberg AO Fellows will:

  • Be experienced researchers who are able to demonstrate a successful record of scholarship, publications and research outcomes.
  • Be able to demonstrate a high-level capacity to promote their work through a variety of media channels in collaboration with the State Library.
  • Agree that the fellowship is a priority during their tenure and that a concentrated period of effort, in the one year tenure, will be made to deliver the fellowship.
  • Actively promote the research undertaken during their tenure.
  • Make a presentation about the project at the conclusion of the fellowship.
  • Ensure any publications, outcomes or media coverage which result from the fellowship prominently acknowledge the support of the State Library of NSW and the fellowship.
  • Contribute to State Library of NSW print and online publications.
  • Engage with Library staff so that staff will be able to benefit from their research
  • Submit, to the Mitchell Librarian, a four-page summary of their completed project, copies of any research outcomes (presentations and publications) and a bibliography.
  • Acquit their fellowship in a timely manner.


Past Fellows


Dr Caitlin D’Gluyas, for her project: Archival Archaeology: A Spatial Reading of People and Things in Early Convict Parramatta.


Dr Peter Gibson, for his project: New South Wales’ First Industrial Law: The Factories and Shops Act, 1896-1912. 


Dr Paolo Stracchi, for his project: Building Knowledge: The role of modern architecture in the development of the construction industry in New South Wales (1950–1980).


Dr Lisa Murray, for her project: "Here's Too'ee": The breweries and pub culture in New South Wales, 1880-1980.


Dr Ben Huf, for his project: Colonial Liquidity: Making money in early New South Wales. 

2019 (Inaugural)

Dr Elizabeth Humphrys for her project: Pressed and strained: the lives of metal workers in the era of globalisation (1970-1990).

The project will examine how changes to the metals industry, brought about by globalisation, has impacted on the lives of their largely blue-collar workforce.