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Do you drive a car?

What do I do if I've had a car accident? Do I have to pay my traffic fine? If I'm found guilty of drink driving, will I lose my licence?

Find the answers to these questions and many more on the Cars and driving topic.

Where do I start?

If you need simple information about what to do if you've had a car accident, start with the Legal Aid NSW publication Crashed your car? Young man sitting on the road in front of two cars that have had an accident

LawAccess NSW - Car accidents explains what to do after a car accident, including step by step guides for affidavits, letters of demand, statements of claim, witness statements, and terms of settlement.

LawAccess NSW - Driving offences and crime has information about driving offences including pleading guilty or not guilty, defences, going to court, losing your licence, appeals and criminal records.

Need more?

The Driving and traffic law chapter of the Law handbook gives an overview of driving and traffic law, including information on licences, penalties, drink driving, and dangerous driving.

Guilty Your Honour: representing yourself in NSW local courts when charged with drink driving helps defendants to drink driving charges prepare for court, including information about whether to plead guilty, whether to get a lawyer, preparing for court, and what happens on the day of court.

The Motor vehicle accidents problem solver is an interactive tool from the Financial Rights Legal Centre which provides advice, sample letters and detailed fact sheets.

Visiting the State Library to do some research?

The State Library has a large collection of text books, looseleaf services, legal encyclopaedias, databases, journals, legislation and court reports.

Looseleaf services are an excellent source of information as they contain commentary about cases and legislation and are updated frequently.  Two looseleaf services dealing with traffic law are Motor and traffic law, New South Wales and Motor vehicle law in NSW.

Looking for legislation?

Find the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW) and the Road Rules 2014 (NSW) on NSW Legislation.

Find more information

There's a wealth of information in the Cars and driving topic - scroll down the list to find more information about accidents, driving offences, and fines.