Going to court?

Representing yourself in court? Need a lawyer? Want to know how courts work?

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Where do I start?

If you’re representing yourself in court, start with How to run your own court case.

You and your lawyer helps you understand the role of lawyers and how to work with your lawyer.

Courts and Tribunals provides an overview of Australia's court system, federal and state, and how it fits within the legal system.

Need more?

The LawAccess Representing yourself guide Local Court - Small Claims has information for people who owe or are owed a debt of $10,000 or less and are going through the court process. 

The LawAccess Representing yourself guide Legal skills has information that may help you resolve your matter through negotiation or mediation, make a complaint, understand the legal system and the court process, and how to prepare legal documents. 

Chapter 1 of the Law handbook About the legal system covers Australia's legal system including common, statute, criminal and civil law, courts and tribunals, time limits, appeals, legal documents, and legal research.

Defend yourself: facing a charge in court is a practical guide to defending a criminal charge in court which covers areas including arrest and questioning, bail, lawyers and self-representation, and court procedure.

Visiting the State Library to do some research?

The State Library has a large collection of text books, looseleaf services, legal encyclopaedias, databases, journals, legislation and court reports.

Looseleaf services are an excellent source of information as they contain commentary about cases and legislation and are updated frequently.  One useful looseleaf service is Ritchies uniform civil procedure, which has detailed commentary on NSW legislation including the Civil Procedure Act (NSW), Uniform Civil Procedure Rules, and the Supreme Court, Local Court and District Court Acts and Rules. 

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