LawAccess NSW guided pathways

Looking for help with recovering money or resolving a fencing dispute? Find information in the new guided pathways from LawAccess NSW.Close up of white picket fence

There are two new guided pathways:

  • Recovering money is for small businesses or people trying to recover money from another business or person
  • Resolving fencing disputes is for people who want to do fencing work or people whose neighbour want to do fencing work.

The guided pathways are self-help tools that aim to help you resolve your legal problems quickly, cheaply and fairly without having to go to court. There are also guides on Mortgage stress and Unpaid council rates.

LawAccess also has a range of Representing yourself guides to help you answer legal questions. The guides help you deal with your legal problem or represent yourself in a court or tribunal. You will find step-by-step guides for going to court, flowcharts, who's who in court, sample forms, and answers to your frequently asked questions.​ Topics covered include debt, car accidents, recovery of goods, going to the ​​Local Court, fences, employment rights, AVOs​, fines, driving offences, and what happens after someone dies.