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Money and utilities - new guided pathways

Is someone chasing you for money? Having problems paying your utilities bills? Find information in the new guided pathways from LawAccess NSW.woman looking at credit card with shocked look

There are two new guided pathways:

  • Being chased for money is for individuals and small businesses. It covers topics including how to respond to a letter of demand or statement of claim.
  • Problems with utilities is for those who are worried about paying their utility bill, haven’t paid their utility bill and it is overdue, dispute the amount of their bill, have been told their service will be or has been disconnected, or want information about NSW Government rebates and savings.

These two new topics add to the existing four guided pathways:

The guided pathways are self-help tools that aim to help individuals resolve their legal problems quickly, cheaply and fairly without having to go to court. They can guide an individual on their options based on their circumstances, including providing them with tailored legal and non-legal information, resources and referrals.