Noisy neighbours?

Did you know that your air conditioner must not be heard by your neighbours after 10pm? That your barking dog could be declared a nuisance? That musical instruments and other amplified noise such as CD players and the television shouldn't be heard after 10pm (or midnight on weekends)?barking dog

Or that you can apply for a noise abatement order at the Local Court to try and stop your neighbour's noise? 

Barking dogs, loud music and car alarms are common things that neighbours may have disagreements about.

Find out the steps you can take if you have a dispute with your neighbour about noise in Representing yourself - Noise. The guide has information about noise restrictions, how to talk to your neighbour about noise, making a noise complaint, applying for a noise order, responding to a noise complaint, and responding to a noise order. It also includes forms and step by step guides to making applications.