Videos from NCAT

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) has a number of videos that show the types of matters heard by the Tribunal. All of the videos are available in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Greek, and Vietnamese.

The tenancy video Long overdue rent shows how NCAT hears an application about unpaid rent - Ling, a landlord, has taken her tenant to NCAT to try to get back eight weeks of unpaid rent.

In the guardianship video Managing my sisters affairs Steffi wants to be appointed as her sister’s guardian. Her sister, Lena, has dementia. Steffi also wants to be appointed as Lena’s financial manager to allow her to look after Lena’s financial and legal affairs. The video shows how NCAT hears a typical guardianship and financial management matter for a person with decision-making disability. 

In My home has not been built properly Winston has brought a claim against a developer who, he says, has not finished the work they agreed to in their contract. The video shows how NCAT hears applications by home owners, traders and insurers about home building work.  

The last video deals with the review of administrative decisions. In A licensing issue, Fadi seeks a review of an administrative decision made by a NSW Government agency about licensing.

Visit NCAT videos to see all four videos.