Louise Anemaat

Executive Director, Library and Information Services and Dixson Librarian

Louise Anemaat with Elizabeth Riddell painting by Dahl Collings

BA (Double Hons), Grad Dip Info Mgt (Archives)


Louise Anemaat studied at University of NSW and completed part of her undergraduate degree and professional training in Germany.

Louise has published and lectured widely on the Library’s collections, and has worked closely with the acquisition, processing and curation of the manuscript and pictures collections over many years. She is the author of Natural Curiosity. Unseen art of the First Fleet (NewSouth Publishing, 2014), an analysis of the traditions of natural history art production in Australia and Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries.  

What inspired you to take this role?

This role encompasses the full range of activities that we traditionally associate with libraries. I’m excited about the many opportunities it offers for making the Library’s collections accessible to everyone, and for supporting the expertise of our staff.

Photo: Louise Anemaat reads Elizabeth Riddell’s poetry in the picture galleries alongside Dahl Collings’ 1946 portrait of Elizabeth at her home overlooking Parsley Bay.