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Inclusion Advisory Committee Meeting Summary Wednesday 4 April 2018

Meeting summary of the fifth Inclusion Advisory Committee meeting, Wednesday 4 April 2018

The Committee’s fifth meeting took place on Wednesday 4 April 2018 from 4-6pm. 

The meeting commenced with the Chair  confirming the previous meeting's minutes and actions. 

The first agenda item for discussion was presented by Ms Rawiya Jenkins, Manager Exhibitions and Publications. Ms Jenkins provided an overview of exhibition design and content for the new Mitchell Galleries, due to launch on 4 October 2018. She advised that the design was based on overarching principles to ensure a consistency of visitor experience while also accommodating needs and requirements for a range of visitors, to achieve the best possible viewing experience for all.  Ms Jenkins also provided details of the new wayfinding signage for the Library.  Members of the Committee provided feedback on new apps which can assist wayfinding and provide information on exhibitions in audio format.  Advice about lighting was also provided by the Committee who wished to ensure adequate levels and contrast were maintained in the new facilities.

The second item on the agenda was from Mr Phil Barter, Chief Financial Officer at the Library who provided an update on the Library's plans for an accessible ramp into the front of the Mitchell building. Following extensive consultation, a brass-clad ramp on the Western side of the Mitchell Building front entrance was selected as the preferred plan. Mr Barter advised that the Heritage Conucil NSW had expressed concerns about this design given the state significance of the Mitchell building. These concerns are to be addressed at a forthcoming meeting with the Council where additional options would be discussed.

After this presentation, Mr Michael Carney, Coordinator Projects and Policy, provided an update on the implmentation on the Library's Disability Inclusion Action Plan. Mr Carney provided a specific update on Action 1.3 to collect documentation on the lived experience of people with disability. He outlined the acquisition of  oral history interviews of 13 people with mental illness, and 8 people with disability, including Committee member Mark Tonga which are now available through the Library catalogue. In relation to Action 2.1,  to ensure future signage meets accessibility standards, Mr. Carney advised the group of the new signage installed at the entrance to the Library carpark which advises people with disability to avoid the carpark due to the exit being via stairs. He also advised the group of a rift of new signage to be installed in the new Mitchell Galleries. Finally, Mr Carney outlined the Library's action in response to action 4.5 relating to periodic testing and maintenance of Library hearing loops.

As part of other business, Mr Barter provided statistics on the usage of a new accessible drinking fountain installed in the Library.

The Committee will meet again on Wednesday 20 June 2018.