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Become a volunteer at the Library

Volunteering at the Library

Volunteering at the State Library

Volunteers play an important role at the Library and are appreciated for giving so generously of their valuable time. They bring their rich experience, enthusiasm and knowledge, helping us gain new perspectives and forge links between local communities and our collection.

Volunteer Roles

There are two main types of volunteer tasks: front-of-house, or behind-the-scenes. Front-of-house tasks include a variety of guided tours, speaking to community groups, hosting exhibitions and assisting with events. Behind-the-scenes tasks are varied but include sorting collection material, transcribing our original manuscript material and providing administrative support.

New Opportunities for digital volunteering

With the Library’s new purposely built transcription tool, volunteers can help make this happen through transcribing our digital material of diaries, letters, manuscripts and records as well as editing and correcting transcriptions material. Like any great Library, we want to share our collections and need to fast track our digital collection offerings to a global audience. 

Through this crowd sourcing project, you can make a great difference. Learn More 



  • An interest in the commitment and principles of the SLNSW
  • An ability to relate to a wide range of people
  • An ability to perform an identified role or roles
  • Email address essential


Contact us

Although our team of volunteers is currently at capacity we welcome your expression of interest to be a part of our volunteer community.

Please email your expression of interest and contact details to

We will contact you when an appropriate position becomes available.  Expressions of interest will be kept for 12 months from the date of receipt.

For further information please follow the link to our FAQ page which will also contain links to related documents.



Volunteer Events

Two men and 1 woman in Santa hats and singing

Friends Christmas Party


Friends Christmas Party 2014
Group of people sitting on chairs listening to man talking at lectern
National Volunteer Week 2014
Woman looking at collection items
National Volunteer Week 2014
Two women drinking cups of tea and talking
National Volunteer Week 2014
Man presenting a bouquet of flowers to woman
Dr Alex Byrne presenting flowers to Nancy Tuck
Several women sitting on chairs and smiling
Nancy Tuck 100th birthday party
Three women with Christmas tree behind them
Volunteers Christmas Party 2013
Two women and a man sitting down and holding flowers
Volunteers Christmas Party 2013
Man and two women sitting on chairs
Volunteers Christmas Party 2013
Three women sitting round a laptop at a desk in Friends Room
Volunteers Morning Tea April 2013
Two men in large room with bookcases behind them
Volunteers Morning Tea April 2013
Man and woman with drinks in crowded room
Volunteers Christmas Party 2012
Two men and a woman holding wine glasses in crowded room
Volunteers Christmas Party 2012



Hear from our Volunteers

Shakespeare Room host

“Working with the diaries and letters gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can help bring their stories to a much wider audience, who can now also get to know these young men through the words they wrote about their experiences.”  -Barbara Manchester

“I have been transcribing WWI diaries for some time and feel privileged to be part of this project, a very significant one for both the Library and Australia. I have found it fascinating from two aspects.”  -John Brooker

“I enjoy introducing the Library to a new generation of visitors and showing people that a library isn’t just a place of books.” -Georgia Maccan.