1788: Two perspectives

Duration: 2 hours
Onsite excursion
Stage 2

Investigate Australian history in 1788 from two perspectives, First Nations and the British First Fleet.


Investigate the lives of both First Fleet convicts and Aboriginal people in 1788. Learn about the convicts’ journey to NSW, their everyday life including clothing, shelter, work and food and the impact their presence had on the lives of Aboriginal people.

In this 2 hour program students will:

  • analyse primary sources
  • examine Aboriginal cultural materials and learn how they were used
  • solve a history mystery
  • dress in costumes and conduct an interview with a convict
  • create a film of the interview to take back to school.

Curriculum outcomes


HT2-2 describes and explains how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the local community over time

HT2-3 describes people, events and actions related to world exploration and its effects

HT2-4 describes and explains effects of British colonisation in Australia

HT2-5 applies skills of historical inquiry and communication


GE2-2 describes the ways people, places and environments interact

Before you visit


Excursion Summary


$230 for groups up to 15 and $355 for groups of 16 – 30.


Monday - Friday during term time


2 hours

Minimum Supervision Ratio

Kindergarten – Year 2 - 1 adult per 5 students
Year 3 – Year 6 - 1 adult per 10 students
Secondary students - 1 adult per 20 students


State Library of New South Wales

1 Shakespeare Place
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 9273 1414