Urban places

Student activities

Task no. 1

What is an urban place?

View Sources 3 to 6 below from New housing estates, developments and activities, 2008–February 2013, photographed by Geoff Ambler.

What is an urban place? Using the images below, write a description of an urban place. Share your thoughts with a partner and once agreed, write a new description. Join with two others, discuss and write a combined description. Share this with the class.

WORD BANK: apartment complexes, backyards, building, cafes, cars, city, front yards, houses, housing development, housing estates, land sale, people, project homes, public transport, railway stations, real estate developers, restaurants, roads, shopping centres, shops, subdivision, suburbs, telegraph poles, town, trains, units, urban sprawl, urbanisation

Collection 02: New housing estates, developments and activities, 2008-February 2013, 2008-February 2013
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