Analysing the sources

Student activities

Task no. 1

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Analysing the sources

Analyse Sources 1 to 9 on the life of Mary Reibey and answer the questions below, transcripts of sources 1, 2 and 7 are available in the downloadable resource.

  1. Identify three facts in Source 1.
  2. Identify two facts in Source 2.
  3. Why did Governor Macquarie give Mary Reibey a grant of land? Why was this significant?
  4. Mary Reibey's houses in Sydney (Source 3) and in Newtown (Source 9) have both been demolished. In your opinion should her houses have been preserved or demolished to make ways for development? Give reasons for your point of view.

Task no. 2

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Research the life of Mary Reibey

  1. Use the table in the downloadable resource to help you develop research questions.
  2. Use Sources 1 to 9 and the results of your research to explain the impact of the convict experience on the life of Mary Reibey (600 words)