Bus subsidy program

Find out how to apply for free travel when your school takes part in the Library's learning programs.

Free bus travel to visit the Library is available for K-12 school students from Department of Education schools in the Greater Sydney region. Schools can apply for free travel when they're taking part in an onsite learning program.

This subsidy is supported by the State Library Foundation and our staff giving program.

Eligibility criteria

Make sure your school meets the following criteria before you apply for the bus subsidy.

  1. The purpose of your visit must be to attend a State Library onsite learning program.
  2. Schools must:
    • be in Greater Sydney
    • receive Resource Allocation Model funding
    • have an FOEI of 100+ or ICSEA of less than 1000 may apply.
  3. Schools cannot have more than one subsidy per year, for one bus. If your school has already had a subsidy this year, you cannot apply.

Note: The subsidy does not cover program fees. You'll be invoiced for the cost of the program when you book.

Terms and conditions

  1. The school must provide the State Library of NSW with an official quotation from their preferred bus company for one bus to provide return transport from the school to the Library.
  2. The school must choose an onsite learning program from those on offer.
  3. The school is responsible for booking the bus after receiving confirmation that it has been granted a bus subsidy.
  4. The bus company must promptly provide an official invoice addressed to the State Library of NSW for payment.
  5. The school will pay the cost of a learning program at the State Library of NSW.

How to apply for a bus subsidy

  1. Read the criteria and terms and conditions on this page to make sure your school is eligible.
  2. Apply online. We'll let you know within two weeks if your application is successful or not.

If your application is successful

  1. Get a quote from your preferred bus company and email it to learning.library@sl.nsw.gov.au. Quotes and invoices must be made out to the State Library of NSW. 
  2. Choose a learning program from the Library website.
  3. Apply online for the program.


Apply for a bus subsidy