Managing the coastal environment

Topic: Water in the world
Student activity

Students investigate the interrelationship of human and environmental factors which make some places vulnerable . 

This is the student activity 1 of 2 of the Collaroy case study learning activity.

Subdivision plan of Narrabeen
Task No. 1


View the subdivision plans from the collection below. You may want to zoom in to see the details of the first image, 'The cream of Narrabeen'. 

[Narrabeen subdivision plans]
Subdivision plan of Narrabeen
[Narrabeen subdivision plans]

Find Lot 13 on each map. This is the location of the damage caused by the storm of 5 June 2016 at Collaroy Beach. 

Read the article, ‘The high price of waterfront living and who pays’. Construct a timeline of the impact of natural hazards on this stretch of beach since the subdivision in the early 1900s. 

Task No. 2

Avoiding disaster

While the situation in Collaroy is difficult to manage, there are other opportunities to learn from this situation. What advice would you give a local government in an area that is considering a subdivision along a coastline in a more regional, yet to be developed part of NSW? 

Write a list of recommendations using evidence from the Collaroy Case Study. To develop this list of recommendations, complete a Think Pair Share activity and then publish a finalised list of recommendations. 

Task No. 3

A warning from the future

Imagine you were able to go back in time to 1912 and warn people about the vulnerable nature of the land along Collaroy Beach.

Write a letter to the developers from 1912 who advertised the subdivision and sale of land along the beachfront, as seen in the subdivision plans.

  • What important information from the future would you like to communicate to them about building on the foredunes and beach at Collaroy?
  • What would you tell them about the storm of 5 June 2016?
  • Would you include a photograph or other visual evidence to help persuade them to listen to your advice from the future?