The Library Box

Are you looking for something that will captivate your family for hours without having to leave the house?

Our Library box is filled with activities inspired by the State Library’s collections to delight and inspire all curious and creative primary school aged children. We’ll provide detailed activity instructions and a box full of creative supplies delivered straight to your door!

Inspired by the Library’s new picture book The Best Cat, the Est Cat, the Library Box brings the big Library to you! All 10 activities in this box highlight the Library and its fascinating collections in interesting and accessible ways. 

From the moment this box arrives on your doorstep, the activities inside will have you painting, playing, reading, building, baking, constructing, crafting and writing. Best of all, this box contains plenty of ideas, instructions and resources to repeat and extend the activities for months to come. 

Materials in the Creative Kids box

What will I find inside?

Included in the Library Box you will find: 

  • complete instructions for 10 hands-on, screen-free activities, ranging from cooking to creative writing, from art to architecture 
  • a copy of the beautiful book The Best Cat, the Est Cat by written by Libby Hathorn and illustrated by Rosie Handley 
  • reusable art materials, including acrylic paints, PVA glue, and all the craft supplies you’ll need to complete the activities 
  • felt, wool and a sewing needle to make your own Trim toy 
  • a cat-shaped cookie cutter to bake purrfect biscuits 
  • links to our bonus online content. 

What can I do?

Follow the instructions inside your Library box to: 

  • transform the box into a diorama of the Mitchell Reading Room, and craft stick dolls to come and visit 
  • bake cat-shaped cookies using our delicious vanilla biscuit recipe 
  • sew a felt version of Trim the ‘Seafurring’ Cat to cuddle up to 
  • design a board game to play with your friends and family 
  • write your own mystery story about a crime in the Library 
  • make a variety of crafts including a paper teacup, fingerprint paw prints and many more! 

How can I order?