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Discovering the First Fleet

Student activities

Task no. 1

Download resource (250.85 KB)

Discovering the First Fleet

Read the Voyages of Discovery story on the State Library of New South Wales' website, and conduct research on the journey of the First Fleet before answering the following questions in the downloadable resource.

  1. Name the ships in the First Fleet
  2. Port in England from which the First Fleet set sail
  3. Date on which the First Fleet left England
  4. Three places the First Fleet visited on the journey
  5. Place where the ships first stopped in New South Wales
  6. Date on which the First Fleet reached its first stop in New South Wales
  7. Reason why the First Fleet did not stay there
  8. Name of the place the First Fleet anchored and stayed
  9. Date when the First Fleet anchored in this place
  10. Reason why this place was suitable for settlement
  11. Length of time it took the First Fleet to reach its final destination
'Sirius, Supply & Convoy : Needle Point ENE 3 miles. Hyaena in Companny. 13 May 1787', 1802+
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Botany Bay [New South Wales, ca 1789 / watercolour by Charles Gore], ca 1789
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William Bradley - Charts from his journal ‘A Voyage to New South Wales’, 1802, December 1786-May 1792
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