What are animal habitats and the elements of habitats?

Topic: Significance of Environments: Animal Habitats
Student activity
Geography: Years 3 and 4

This is the student activity 1 of 6 of the The earth's environment : animal habitats learning activity.

Task No. 1

What are animal habitats and the elements of habitats?

Volume 05: Drawings of plants of New South Wales, approximately 259 botanical watercolours [Contents
Shrub – Hop goodenia,
Collection 28: Botanical drawings of Australian plants, ca. late eigtheenth century [Image view]
Rocky waterhole, Item 06: Natural history and botanical drawings, ca. 1849-1872 / [attributed to Louisa Atkinson]

Some of the natural features of forests provide habitat for animals. Habitat is place in which an animal lives. It provides the requirements the animal needs for survival including shelter, food and water. Natural environments have many different habitat elements. Natural features that provide habitat for animals can be grouped into living and non-living.


  • What is animal habitat?
  • List the living and non-living elements of animal habitats.

Students view the examples of habitat elements in Sources 3 to 6. They highlight each labeled natural feature in Source 2 that is a habitat element, adding additional labels if needed. As an optional activity, students research the habitat values of each element.