What kinds of plants are in Australia?

Student activities

Task no. 1

What kinds of plants are in Australia?

Imagine you are the explorer in Source 1, seeing Australia for the very first time. There are no buildings, streets or cars at the campsite. As you look out from the cave you’re resting in what do you see?


  • What natural features can you see through the cave opening?


  • What natural environments have you seen around your local area or in Australia?
  • How are they similar of different to the place in Source 1?
  • Describe a natural Australian place you know to a friend as if they had never seen Australia before.

Formulate inquiry questions:

  • What types of plants are found in Australia’s natural environments?
  • What natural vegetation types are found in Australia?
  • Where are Australia’s main vegetation types found?
Volume 01: Sketchbook XXII. No. 4 Australian. Australia, Apr. 1854-Dec. 1857, 1858 / by Eugene von Guerard, 1854-1858
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