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Instruction writing

Student activities

Task no. 1

Instruction Writing

A technical writer is a person who writes instruction booklets. These booklets might tell the reader how to assemble a toy or use a product such as a television or toaster.

Imagine you are a technical writer and the company that is preparing to sell V.P. Taylor’s inflatable rubber suit has asked you to write a set of instructions for users.

In pairs, compose a set of instructions for the use of this inflatable rubber suit. 

The instructions are to be titled: “How to Use the Amazing Inflatable Suit (Paddle Sold Separately)”.

Your instructions should include the following sections:

  • safety warnings
  • how to inflate and putting on your rubber suit
  • use in the water
  • care instructions (how to look after or maintain your rubber suit)

Have fun with this writing activity. You might have to imagine much of what the suit does and how it works. Some of your instructions might be informed by research.

There are no right or wrong answers.