In the news

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Task no. 1

In the news

You are a journalist working for The Sydney Mail and you have been asked to write an article for the magazine.

Choose one of the covers of The Sydney Mail and write an article to accompany the cover.

You might like to write your article after interviewing a ‘character’ featured on the cover, for example a returned soldier or a nurse who looked after injured soldiers.

Compose a list of questions you would ask the person you have chosen to interview and use their answers as the basis of your article.

You may choose to write your article as the war correspondent who experienced the event portrayed first hand. You should try to convey to your readers the experience of what you witnessed. You could include details of the people involved, the physical environment, the sounds and the outcomes.

You will need to research what was happening in the war when your chosen edition was published. TROVE is a very good place to research newspapers from the time.