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Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay

Student activities

Task no. 1

Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House are iconic landmarks of Sydney that feature in major events such as New Year’s Eve, Australia Day and the Vivid Light Festival. Located between them is Circular Quay: the terminal for Sydney’s ferry services and a popular harbour-front tourist destination in its own right.

Source 1: Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay, 2009, photographed by Joseph Mallard 

Use Source 1 to stimulate discussion:

  • Have you seen the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Circular Quay?
  • What time of day did you go? Why did you go? What did you see? How did you get there?
  • What are your memories of Circular Quay? Was it crowded or quiet, modern or old? Did it have the services that you needed? What was good and what could be improved?

Issue: How can Circular Quay be changed to make it more accessible and functional for its users?

Formulate inquiry questions:

  • Where is Circular Quay?
  • What is Circular Quay and how is it accessed and used?
  • Why is Circular Quay there?
  • Why do people care about Circular Quay and how can it be modified and managed for the future?