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What is Circular Quay and how is it used?

Student activities

Task no. 1

Download resource (472.62 KB)

What is Circular Quay and how is it used?

Using Sources 5 to 8 and supplementary sources such as personal experiences, YouTube videos, images and tourist information, students undertake a virtual fieldwork study of Circular Quay. Students should view the site from the all directions and from the water, land and air.

Task no. 2

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Photo sketch – Features of Circular Quay

Create and label a line drawing of the Quay from the image in the download resource

Task no. 3

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Table 1 – Features and uses of Circular Quay

Uses survey - Students design a questionnaire to survey class and family members on their personal experiences of visits to Circular Quay. Sample survey questions:

  • Have you been to Circular Quay?
  • How do you use Circular Quay? (eg catch a ferry, catch a train, for the views, entertainment, go for a walk, on the way to…)
  • What do you like about Circular Quay?
  • What challenges do you face when you go to Circular Quay?
  • How could Circular Quay be improved?

In the table in the downlad resource fill in the natural and human features of Circular Quay on the left hand side. On the right hand side fill in the human use or function of the feature you have chosen.