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Activities and weather

Student activities

Task no. 1

Activities and weather

Collectively view Sources 2 to 9 as a class and use the questions below to guide discussion on each image. 

Describe the physical setting. (place)
What are the people wearing? (clothing)
What are the people doing? (activities)

What is the weather? How do you know? (place, activities, clothing)
What other activities can you do in this type of weather?
What activities can’t you do in this type of weather?

Imagine you are there
What would you be wearing?
What would you be doing?

Task no. 2

Download resource (132.99 KB)

Which activity for which weather

Using Sources 2 to 9, sort each activity into the most suitable weather column in the downloadable resource.

Discuss: Which activities can be done in a variety of weather? Which activities are the most weather specific? Which weather can you do most activities in?

Task no. 3

Download resource (110.95 KB)

Weather and me

In the downloadable resource, draw yourself doing an activity in each weather type. They also write or draw activities they can't do in each type of weather.  What would you wear for each type of weather?