What is the weather at our place?

Topic: Features of places: Weather
Student activity
Geography: Year 1 and Year 2

This is the student activity 1 of 4 of the Features of places: weather learning activity.

Task No. 1

What is the weather at our place?

What is the weather today? Is it typical weather for this time of year?

As a class, go outside and describe the weather. Discuss what activities would be good to do in this weather.

Record the day’s weather according to: rainfall; temperature; sunshine and wind in the table in the downloadable resource. Use symbols and informal measurements such as:

  • Rain – light, heavy, drizzling, pouring
  • Sunshine – bright, dim, partial or cloudy
  • Wind – strong, light, blustery
  • Temperature – icy, cold, cool, warm, hot, scorching

Record observations once or twice a day at the same time/s each day.