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Climate, demographics and settlement patterns

Student activities

Task no. 1

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What is the climate of Glebe and Gulargambone?

Using Bureau of Meteorology statistics view climate data for Sydney (Observatory Hill)  and Coonamble Shire 

Use the inbuilt graphing and comparison tools to compare average temperatures and rainfall. On the comparison table record the hottest and coldest months, highest and lowest average annual temperatures and average rainfall.
Who are the people, what do they do and where do they live in Glebe and Gulargambone?
Research the demographics of Glebe and Gulargambone, recording the data onto the comparison table. 
Revisit the Google Earth satellite images of Glebe and the Gulargambone district to identify the settlement patterns of each place.

Swimming in the Castereagh River, Coonamble, 2003
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Task no. 2

How is inner city Sydney different to rural north-western NSW?

Analyse the data recorded on the comparison table and create a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences between inner city Glebe and rural Gulargambone.

Task no. 3

How and why is daily life similar and different in inner city Sydney and north-western NSW?

Imagine you live in Gulargambone and visit Glebe for a day (or vice versa). Drawing on the sources, Venn Diagram and data analysis, write an imaginary recount of your visit including comparisons to your home and reasons for the differences you encounter.