Frank Hurley's Perceptions

Topic: Places are similar and different
Student activity
Geography: Year 3 and Year 4

This is the student activity 1 of 3 of the Places are similar and different: Macquarie Island world heritage area learning activity.

Task No. 1

Frank Hurley's Perceptions

Hurley was the official photographer to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition
Exhibition of pictures taken during the Australasian Antarctic Expedition and other photographic studies by Frank Hurley
Young sea-elephants and Royal penguins at South End; Macquarie Island

Imagine you are the expedition photographer Frank Hurley exploring Macquarie Island with biologist and artist, Charles Turnbull Harrisson, as described in Harrisson’s 1911 diary. Complete the sentences:

     Sitting here amongst the penguins I …

     I took this photograph because …

     Standing here we …

Task No. 2

Visual diary

Imagine you have been assigned as the photographer on a current expedition to Macquarie Island.
Using images sourced from the Internet, compile a visual diary of a three-day survey of the island’s natural features, including wildlife.
Add text that explains the island’s outstanding natural features, explaining why the area is a World Heritage site.
Include a map locating the area and highlights of your visit. Explain ways in which people can help protect the fragile vegetation and wildlife that breeds on the island.