Are all homes the same?

Topic: Important places: Homes
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Dwelling in a tree stump - Gippsland, VIC
Task No. 1

Are all homes the same?

Dwelling in a tree stump - Gippsland, VIC
New housing estates, developments and activities, 2008-February 2013
Our Camp - The Heads. Moruya River
Residential Housing, 596-602 King Street, Newtown
Photograph of couple outside slab hut with bark roof at Hill End
Public housing mostly in Western Sydney, 2011
A wealthy couple with their three daughters and two sons in front of their two-storey mansion with tennis court

What is it? 
What is it made from?
How was it made?
Where is it? 
Who is using it?

Why is it there? 
What would it be like inside? 
Is this the present or the past? How do you know? 
Is it permanent or temporary?
How is it being cared for?

Compare it to other homes.