Homes and people

Topic: Important places: Homes
Student activity

This is the student activity 1 of 5 of the People live in places: homes learning activity.

Task No. 1

Homes and people

Dwelling in a tree stump - Gippsland, VIC
Photograph of couple outside slab hut with bark roof at Hill End
New housing estates, developments and activities, 2008-February 2013
Public housing mostly in Western Sydney, 2011
Our Camp - The Heads. Moruya River
Residential Housing, 596-602 King Street, Newtown
A wealthy couple with their three daughters and two sons in front of their two-storey mansion with tennis court

Compare the photos. What is similar about each of these homes? Make a list.

Word bank: door, garden, home, live in, people, roof, walls, windows, yard.

What does a home provide for people? Make a list

How do people look after their homes?

Word bank: cleaning, garbage, family, gardening, mowing, privacy, putting away, safety, shelter, raking, sweeping, washing.