A growing city

Students investigate how people change the natural environment in Australia (and another country) and examine ways people influence the characteristics of places, including the management of spaces.
Key inquiry question #1: 
How do people and environments influence one another?
Key inquiry question #2: 
How do people influence places and management of the spaces within them?

Student Activities

A case study in environmental change

Students compare images of Sydney from the past with modern views to understand the environmental changes that have occurred on the site and in the distance.   

Number of set tasks: 2

NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Geography K-10

A student:

  • GE3-1 describes the diverse features and characteristics of places and environments
  • GE3-2 explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

Acquiring geographical information

  • Collect and record relevant geographical data and information, using ethical protocols, from primary data and secondary information sources, for example, by observing, by interviewing, conducting surveys, or using maps, visual representations, statistical sources and reports, the media or the internet (ACHGS034, ACHGS041)

Processing geographical information

  • Represent data in different forms, for example, plans, graphs, tables, sketches and diagrams (ACHGS035, ACHGS042)

Communicating geographical information

  • Present findings and ideas in a range of communication forms as appropriate (ACHGS038, ACHGS045)

Place: the significance of places and what they are like e.g. characteristics of places on a global level.

Space: the significance of location and spatial distribution, and ways people organise and manage spaces that we live in e.g. global patterns of spatial distribution; how people organise and manage spaces in their local environment

Interconnection: no object of geographical study can be viewed in isolation e.g. how environments influence where people live; ways people influence the characteristics of their environment; diversity of cultures and peoples around the world

Change: explaining geographical phenomena by investigating how they have developed over time e.g. changes to environmental or human characteristics of place

Learning across the curriculum

  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Literacy