Ancient Egypt

Student activities

Task no. 1

Research everyday life in ancient Egypt

Use the collection items below to help you conduct research on everyday life in ancient Egypt. You may like to focus on such topics as:

  • tombs and burial customs
  • temples and shrines
  • hieroglyphic writing
  • gods and goddesses
  • kings and queens
  • music, dancing and entertainment
  • farming and food production

Write down five to six inquiry questions to help guide your research.

Identify and locate relevant historical sources and gather historical information on each of your inquiry questions.

Use your notes to write a one-page factual recount of your topic and what it tells us about everyday life in ancient Egyptian times. Use headings to help present your information in logical order.

Remember to include a reference list.

A factual recount 

  • Gives an account of people and events which happened in the past
  • Begins with background information about who, when, where
  • Describes the series of events and puts them into chronological order
  • May explain how and why something happened
  • Ends with a summary statement or interpretation 

Task no. 2

Create a museum display on ancient Egypt

Use the collection items above to design a museum display that tells a story of everyday life in ancient Egypt.

Write labels for the sources that describe what they are, where they were discovered, who made them, what they show, what they tell us about life in ancient Egypt.