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Aboriginal (Dhurga) word list

Student activities

Task no. 1

Aboriginal word list

Below is a vocabulary list of Aboriginal words used in the Ulladulla area when Mickey was alive. It was collected by James Larmer, possibly around 1832. Larmer was the assistant surveyor on Sir Thomas Mitchell's second expedition in 1835 along the Bogan and Darling Rivers. Mickey would have been familiar with these words and would have been about 12 years old when Larmer compiled the list. This list is probably an 1853 copy of Larmer's original compilation.


Find three Aboriginal words from the list that describe things in Mickey's picture.

Write the Aboriginal word on the item in Mickey's drawing.

Sort the Aboriginal words into two groups using the downloadable resource:

  • Aboriginal words to describe Aboriginal things
  • Aboriginal words to describe European things
Aboriginal word Australian English word
tuggi no
nawa yes
ji come
nobard go
nonaga-weyou What is your name?
tewg-ah bread
mondagai meat
marrah fish
burroo kangaroo
koona duck
ka au dee tobacco
yau yee fire
boanbal wood
warrang child
niara look there
yookun or coonjee hut
cumboo gullock bullock
Euroka The sun
Indeko The moon


Notebook of Australian Aboriginal vocabularies - Ulladulla
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