HSC: The Project: History Extension Seminar

Excursion Summary

Full Day

November 6, 2020

This full-day student seminar is presented by the State Library of NSW and Sydney Living Museums. The seminar focuses on The Project and includes talks and workshops delivered by practising historians, archaeologists and museum and library professionals.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity for your students to develop their research skills and gain valuable advice, resources and inspiration as they embark on their major work.

Historiography workshops with Sydney Living Museums

  • Each participant will be allocated to ONE of these workshops. All workshops are skills-based, focusing on historical inquiry and critical thinking.
  • Workshop numbers are strictly limited. The State Library of New South Wales will allocate places according to preferences expressed at the time of registration and order of receipt, and advise you of your workshop allocation when your booking is confirmed.
  • Some school groups may need to be split between different workshops. Sydney Living Museums staff will supervise the movement of students where required.


The ancient world through modern eyes | The Mint
Dr Craig Barker | Classical archaeologist and Manager, Education and Public Programs, Sydney University Museums
During this hands-on workshop, students will handle and investigate genuine Mediterranean artefacts, and learn about the development of archaeological investigation from antiquarianism through to the modern scientific inquiry practised today.

Museums and curators as producers of history | The Mint
Dr Bruce Dennett | Historian, author, and former Supervisor of Marking for History Extension
In this workshop, students will review how museums and their curators construct and represent the past by conserving, recording, displaying and interpreting aspects of past reality. Can the resultant exhibits ever be neutral? Students will interrogate specific examples by viewing them through the lens of historical thinking.

Refining your research topic | The Mint
Beth Hise | Head of Content, Strategic Projects, Sydney Living Museums
In this workshop, Beth Hise will share 20 years of experience as a historian, curator and research manager, and provide tips for refining a research topic. Where do you start? What steps should you take and what questions can you ask to refine your topic? With the support of experienced educators, students will workshop sample topics in groups using the process that Beth has outlined.

Booking Details

November 6, 2020

Full Day seminar

If you have any enquiries please email learning.library@sl.nsw.gov.au, phone (02) 9273 1778.