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HSC English Research Guide

Essential resources for English, especially useful for studying Advanced and Extension courses. 

English Extension 2

Top tips from high achieving past students, exemplars for the reflection statement, and all the information you need about our annual online seminar day.


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Search tips

How to make the most out of your English searches and get the best search results. 

HSC English Exams - Q&A

Find all the answers to your burning questions about the HSC English exams.

Free and trustworthy information online


The catalogue lists all items in the Library's collection such as books, online journals, magazines, ebooks. If you are studying at home or at school, the online resources are free to use with a Library card.  If you are onsite, you can request material to be used in the Reading Rooms.


Full text articles, ebooks and websites arranged in broad subject groupings. These are free to use with your Library card.

Literature Resource Center

Featured resource

Compare literary criticism, reviews and biographies of international and Australian writers. Search by works, writers or characters and use the 'Topic Finder' to see related text and literary criticism by genre and form.


Featured resource

A specialised resource for scholarly research, literary criticism, reviews and biographical information on Australian writers. Browse Creative Writing, Criticism, BlackWords, Stage and Screen, and Children’s and YA Fiction.

Workshops: online and in your own time

Finding the right online sources

You search online all the time, but are you finding what you need?

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Getting better results from your searches

Hints and tips to search for the perfect resources online and save time in the process.

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Better searching with online resources

Does it feel like there are too many resources? We simplify it for you. 

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Citing your work and avoiding plagiarism

We show you how to get the right citations from academic resources and best present your work.

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Essential Library resources for research

We bring together key HSC subjects resources, including those for Advanced and Extension courses.

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